July 2013 Update

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    29th July 2013

    IDU Officials

    Delegate: Bears Armed Mission
    Vice Delegate: Union of Trotsky

    Minister for Foreign Affairs: Sanctaria
    Minister for Immigration: Vacant

    Council of IDU States

    Secretary General: Robert Smyth (Sanctaria)

    Member States: Sanctaria, Sciongrad, Ossitania, Free Aleutheria, The Fruit Bowel, Bears Armed, Myrtle Isles, Festive Old Folks, Saint Isobel, Union of Trotsky​

    Delegate Elections

    After spending well over three months in the office, July 2013 saw the end of Sciongrad as the International Democratic Union's Delegate. Elections were postponed while we found suitable Election Commissioners, but once that problem was resolved, nominations were open and the nations of the IDU went to the polls!

    On the ballot, two nations. One a familiar face, the other a fresh young newbie, eager to please. Bears Armed (Mission) faced off against the Union of Trotsky in the election and the end result was a clear victory for Bears Armed, seeing off the Union of Trotsky 6 votes to nothing. Bears Armed was announced Delegate and Trotsky was given the position of Vice Delegate due to finishing second in the poll.

    Good show chaps.

    Council of IDU States

    For many years the IDU has lacked a functional regional council, and that finally came to an end in February of this year with the ratification of the Council of IDU States Charter. The Council of IDU States, called CIDUS, is a body much like the World Assembly, but designed for a smaller regional membership, and aims to foster intra-regional co-operation.

    Following a few months of discussions behind the scenes, the first CIDUS resolutions were passed in June (one establishing rules and regulations around membership, the other concerning itself with the leadership of the council). Following the passage of these foundation resolutions, CIDUS was then tasked with selecting a Secretary General to lead it.

    Each nation was asked to nominate one person and at the close of nominations, the consensus was that Robert Smyth of Sanctaria should be elected without need for ballot. Smyth took office on 1 July 2013 and will serve through to December 31st of this year.

    As of time of writing, CIDUS is currently debating two resolutions, one on Free Trade, the other on Higher Education Co-Operation, while members are also discussing what a resolution on Cultural Declarations would look like.

    Thank you for reading the IDU's July 2013 Regional Update.

    Foreign Minister
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