Hello TNP!


Hi there! Ventalia here, new to TNP but not new to NS. I've bounced around a few regions but I think it's time to settle down.

I found this here questionnaire and, well, I can't resist.
Nickname(s)?: V, Vent, that Anglo traitor who moved to Quebec, or just Alex :P
Main Nation?: Ventalia
RL Country?: Canada
Favourite Colour(s)?: Burgundy
Do you use IRC?: Occasionally
Political Ideology? Liberal, Conservative, Anarchist, do you care?: typically just left of center. Socially liberal, fiscally moderate.
Do you enjoy Roleplay or forum games?: I do, but I haven't been oh so active I'm afraid.

I enjoy a good cold pint after work and rum & coke on a humid evening, so don't be shy and come join me for a drink!


Welcome to The North Pacific! I doubt you'll ever leave The Docks, like most users. They just don't survive.


*pulls a flask from his blazer and takes a sip while making narrow eyes at Nebula*

Thank you for the warm welcome, much warmer than that customs agent's frisking.


Hello and Welcome to The North Pacific! Where the Democracy is strong, the debate robust and the rum plentiful :P

I'm Andrew, the Minister of Home Affairs. This is one of the greatest regions that anyone could ever wish to be in. Here, we have a huge multicultural community that likes to play NationStates and that has interests in a wide variety of aspects including:

Legislating - The Regional Assembly (The North Pacifican Legislature) and the World Assembly
Roleplaying - Democratic Union, the NPTO, the Faibuaizu Alliance, the Embassy Program, Character and Story RolePlays
Taking part in the Executive Branch (Executive Staff)
And there is much more to explore in The North Pacific!

So, do get comfortable and I look forward to seeing you so more around our forum and region! and Welcome again to the region of democracy, debate and rum! :)