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    (Europeia – February 14, 2019) – The Europeian Letter returns with another update of regional activities. Victory by the Europeian Republican Navy in its war against the New Pacific Order and structural changes to the Europeian government highlight this issue.

    Europeian Republican Navy Sails to Another Victory in War Against New Pacific Order

    Written by Deepest House

    The Europeian Republican Navy (ERN), in close coordination with its partners in the Anti-Pacific Coalition, restored the region of St. Abbadon to its rightful and sovereign government in a late January operation against the repugnant New Pacific Order (NPO).

    “Undoubtedly, we are winning the military battles when and where they count,” Europeian Grand Admiral Writinglegend said while announcing the victory to the Europeian population. “Now that our long-term operation in St. Abbadon is complete, I would like to congratulate all sailors and citizens who contributed to restoring and securing their rightful government.”

    Grand Admiral Writinglegend then bestowed a campaign ribbon to the 19 sailors who participated in the victorious operation. The ERN’s strength and professionalism allows it to project Europeian power on a global scale, in support of its regional objectives but also to advance the interests of international partners and coalition members.

    As the victories for the ERN continue to pile up in the just campaign against the wretched NPO, its numbers and strength continue to grow, which will only ensure continued glory for its sailors and Europeia.

    The ERN will continue its successful operations against the weakened NPO at the times and places of its choosing. The NPO’s inability to successfully defend against the victorious assault by the ERN and its partners is demonstrative of its military ineptitude and its inauspicious future as a meaningful bloc within NationStates.

    Europeian Senate Passes Executive Split Omnibus Bill

    Bowzin and Deepest House

    On February 3, 2019, President Sopo signed into effect the Executive Split Omnibus Bill. The Executive Omnibus Bill fundamentally changes the structure of the Europeian government.

    Under the previous government structure, the president and vice president led the region’s executive branch. With the passing of this bill, Europeia begins to move towards an executive branch led by a chief of state and a first minister. Under this new structure, the chief of state is responsible for managing the region’s foreign affairs and outreach, while the first minister is charged with administering the region’s domestic portfolio.

    The next elected president of Europeia will take up the mantle of chief of state at the time of the initial first minister election. The chief of state's cabinet, known as the Council of State, will house departments such as Foreign Affairs, World Assembly Affairs, and the Europeian Republican Navy. The first minister will then take over responsibility for the remaining existing domestic ministries, including Interior, Culture, Radio, and Communications.

    The split executive will allow each elected official to focus exclusively on their particular portfolio. The chief of state will be able to form better relations with our friends abroad as well as focus more attention on gameplay matters to ensure Europeia remains at the forefront of interregional affairs. Meanwhile, the first minister will be able to focus on recruitment and integration, making sure we have a strong and growing community, in addition to managing internal communications.
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    TNP Nation:
    Thank you for the update! While we are not at war with NPO or intend to, we support you in all future military endeavors!