Akachi Okeke

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    Name: Akachi Okeke
    Age: 15
    Religious Ideal/Belief: Laurentist
    Birthplace: Astratov City
    Race: Afro-Szlavic

    =Character Traits and Personality=

    Likes: Sporting, Reading, Autumn
    Dislikes: Captivity, Oclusi Government
    Strengths: Quiet and Content, Athletic, Charismatic, Intelligent
    Weaknesses: Foolish, Liar

    =Past and Present=

    Akachi Okeke is charismatic, intelligent, just and perhaps a little too conceited. But what'd you expect from somebody with his position? He did volunteering work and was becoming quite desirable. With the support of great friends, he managed to thrive in a mad world. But with his wits and talents, there's nothing to stop him from staying ahead of the game. He could quickly become a force to be reckoned with. But who really knows what will happen; he is currently still studying. He feels like there's more to learn in this world. Luckily he has a close group of friends to support him. That was until the laws of the Oclusi government came in. As the Oclusi Democratic Republic is highly Orthodox, the government decided that it would be best to try to convert the entire populace into Orthodox. As a Laurentist, he was targetted for conversion. He was thirteen when he and his family outright refused to convert to Orthodox, his family was shot right in front of him before he went through the living room and escaped through the window. He ran for hours before hitchhiking on a tour bus to get to the Oclusia-Yalkan Border. He made an attempt to cross but was caught by Oclusi Border Patrol and was locked up in a Detention Facility with other children that tried to cross. He was there until age fifteen when he escaped the facility.