[SCRAPED] Agricultural Runoff Prevention Act

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    The General Assembly,

    NOTING the prevalence of agricultural runoff,

    DEFINING agricultural runoff as the flow of water from farm fields as a result of irrigation, rain, or melted snow, into other bodies of water such as lakes and rivers,

    RECOGNIZING that this agriculture runoff can carry numerous pollutants, including fertilizers, herbicides, and other chemicals,

    ALSO RECOGNIZING the danger that agricultural runoff poses, not only to the ecosystems affected, but also to the health of humans, who often use the polluted water for drinking water,

    REALIZING that, to combat agricultural runoff and its negative effects, legislation must be passed,


    1. The construction of ditches on all farms that are prone to agricultural runoff, that can be used as reservoirs to collect and store runoff.

    2. The construction of a blockade along major rivers, lakes, and other sources of drinking water, to prevent water contamination.