15 August 2018: Solidarity, Issue 2 (DSA Update)

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    From the Ambassador: The Solidarity publishes twice monthly; this edition was issued on 15 August 2018. The main editor of the Solidarity is Student Loan Debt, and credits for individual articles are given. The version published here is cut for relevance, but the original version can be viewed here.
    News Service of The Democratic Socialist Assembly Issue 2​
    [hr]Greetings, Comrades[hr]
    Welcome to the second issue. This is a special issue because there are two new members to the writing team: The Exceptionally Bad, an editor, and Dekks, a writer.[hr]
    Establishment of the DSA Convention​
    With the recent passage of Ministry of Role-Play Omnibus Act, which enumerated the rules of the Ministry of Role-Play's department, a new legislative body was formed. This is the Democratic Socialist Assembly Convention (DSAC). What is it? It is essentially like the World Assembly, but on a regional level and for Role-Play. While the DSA Congress has say in actual regional law, the DSA Convention will have say in regional RP law. There have been attempts to pass DSAC, but only recently was it successful.
    Any and all Members of Congress are allowed to participate in DSAC, and no sign-up is required. As per the amendment, all MoC are automatically allowed in. Until one is found, the Secretariat of DSAC shall be Student Loan Debt.
    Due to the current issue of the forum migration (talked about in a later article), DSAC will not be hosting any votes, for voting seems best fit to take place on the forums.
    Writer: Student Loan Debt[hr]
    West Bengalis On The Communist Bloc​
    On the 5th of August 2018, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had decided to establish diplomatic relations between the Democratic Socialist Assembly and The Communist Bloc, following the precedent of our NSLeft ally, The Internationale. It was noteworthy as we had established an embassy, but what made it more noteworthy was that we established embassies with a region, that is at the time of writing, designated Enemy of the Union by our closest and oldest ally, the Social Liberal Union. Tonight, I write here in the hope of putting to rest concerns about the establishment of the embassy. This embassy was opened keeping the SLU Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the know, and they have given us their okay. It was for good reason that we had shunned TCB earlier, as it was under authoritarian rule and had played a role in the raiding of the SLU.
    However, times have changed since then. The current administration of TCB, with Ubertas as its Foreign Affairs Minister, has expressed regret and has denounced its earlier history of raiding Leftist regions. In the sphere of foreign affairs, TCB has made the effort to reform and now wants a cordial, beneficial friendship with the regions that it has wronged earlier, including us and the SLU. To turn our back on a region which is reforming and is apologizing for its history is, in my opinion, foolishness. This will just see a regression within TCB, where the current administration is seen as an aberration, and the earlier history of raiding will continue, harming us, our allies and Leftism in NationStates.
    Yet, I do understand that many people reading this might not forgive TCB as easily for what it had done earlier. This is not unreasonable: raiding our allies is a serious crime for us and to forgive them easily might not be possible for some who do remember the raid and the hurt and anguish that caused them. To those people who still cannot forgive TCB in their hearts, I only ask of you: give them a chance. If they have changed, and I believe they have changed, the bonds of friendship might form where once there was hurt, hatred, anguish and sorrow. And to conclude: I wish our new allies in TCB welcome. May the dark past be replaced by a bright future, and may the ideals of Democracy, Equality, Solidarity and Freedom be cherished.
    Writer: West Bengalis[hr]
    DSA Forums Still Down (See Ambassador's Note)
    Recently, Zetaboards, the website that hosted our old DSA forums, was taken over by Tapatalk. This led to a change in policy and restrictions on users, as well as user privacy issues. Further, it is now impossible to conduct Cabinet votings in a reasonable manner since only one poll per topic is allowed. Because of this, the Cabinet decided to migrate forums. Unfortunately, due to yet unkown issues with the new host, forums are currently inaccessible. Please note that this makes both Charter and map opt-ins impossible for the time being. The Cabinet is working hard to find a solution for this problem, and wants to ask for patience from our residents while the problem is being worked on.
    Writer: Xingal[hr]
    Cartography and Gallifrax​

    The maps have been updated. Along with this, a new body of water was named. With Gallifrax choosing to CTE soon, and all she's contributed to the region, we have chosen to name a body of water after her. This is a tradition that we have done with many notable persons in DSA history.
    Writer: Student Loan Debt[hr]
    Space Role-Play Begins Now​

    The Minister of Role-Play has initiated the Space RP. What is that? It is a large role-playing event that is separate from normal role-play. There will be two different RPs that one can be in;
    Normal RP: Role-play that is set in the modern day with modern events. It is the usual RP that we all know and have been doing. It's not changed at all.
    Space RP: A separate RP that has no technology cap and allows one to travel the universe.
    While Normal RP would have our most advanced technology only getting humans to the moon, the Space RP is separate and can be as advanced as you desire. You can have geodome on the moon, a colony on another planet, a Starship Enterprise, whatever Sci-Fi adventures you'd like. If it helps, imagine the Normal RP as the original book series and the Space RP as an alternate history. They're both separate.
    Writer: Student Loan Debt
    Ambassador's Note: The new ProBoards DSA forums are now public and the suspension of opt-ins is over, though the new forum remains quite desolate. I have not as of yet been made aware of an expected time for the completion of migration.
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